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As expected our new landlady has been signed up (or should that be snapped up?) by Lees and duly installed in the Tavern. Sarah is a local farmer's daughter and knows the place, so all should be well at the THT. Her family has run the pub before in the dim and distant past. She is in fact related to the alleged pub ghost, though I fortunately never encountered that even late at night and alone in the pub. She has brightened the place up a little (less red, more white) and the beer was fine. The food menu has been cut back to substantial snacks rather than full meals, though what came out of the kitchen still looked good and all the meat is locally sourced. The pub was busy and it seems that on her opening night it was so full that the till shuffled off its mortal coil, or, went to silicon heaven in its case.

A host of farmer's daughters were helping her on Sunday and all seemed well with the world. We all breathed a sigh of relief as our pub is safe for a while at least. It will take some time for Sarah to stamp her personality on things and get the place the way she wants it, but a start has been made. Lees seasonal beers will appear soon and from my point of view the only negative is that San Miguel has replaced Bohemia Regent, but I'm guessing Sarah feels that San Mig will be the better seller.

My next visit will be Wednesday for our Quiz League match where after match snacks are required. "No problem" says Sarah. Good stuff.

Photo to follow. I forgot on Sunday.