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I recently concluded a poll asking the question “Should the UK drink-driving limit be reduced from 80mg to 50mg?” There were no less than 147 responses, easily beating even the s*****g b*n poll, and the results were as follows:

Yes, with a mandatory ban at 50mg : 13 (9%)
Yes, with points only between 50mg and 79mg: 5 (3%)
No, the current law is sufficient: 129 (88%)

So a decisive rejection of the idea, although no doubt some will claim it was from a biased sample. As I’ve said before, I don’t believe there’s any guarantee that cutting the limit will save a single life, but there can be no doubt it would have a serious effect on the pub trade outside major urban centres. It would be an all-too-typical example of the current-day trend of taking headline-grabbing “Something must be done” measures without regard to either the wider consequences or indeed whether they will be effective at all.