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I know that some people visiting the Star festival would also want to make the trip up into Holmfirth to sample the festival running from Thursday to Sunday at the Nook. I managed to squeeze an hour in to check out what was on offer on Thursday.

The festival is held in the yard at the back of the pub under an awning. It was ok in the dry but I would be a little concerned if it rained. Admission is 1.50, and a glass and programme (1 refundable on glass), and beer was 1.10 a half with additional cash to be paid if the beer was stronger.

Now what of the beer. There were around 20 pumps on the bar, all handpulls and the beer range was allegedly sourced from around 25 miles of the pub. (I say allegedly, because Castle Rock from Nottingham was included, although the programme said it came from Sheffield). Breweries included Empire, Abbeydale, Brew Co from Sheffield, Church Inn at Uppermill, Golcar, Anglo Dutch and Brass Monkey.

The beer I tried was in decent nick, but the range was a bit disappointing for a 'ticker' with most of the beers being old faithfuls with just a few new beers in an amongst, and not all the beer on the festival list available at the same time. Those who wanted the Nook beers had a choice of six on the main pub bar which covered most, if not all, of their range.

All in all, not a bad festival, with plenty of beers to showcase what was on offer locally.