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Cooking Lager has documented his very positive experiences about two beers from Freedom Lager Brewery in his blog here and I must reveal at this point, I was similarly honoured to be sent some samples. As always I'm a bit slow in getting round to drinking bottled beers at home, but last night seemed just the time, particularly as my Sunday session in the THT had not rendered me incapable of doing so.

I have a relationship with lager going back a long way, so despite what you might reckon I was looking forward to trying the beers, particularly as such a renowned and dedicated lout drinker as Cookie had said such positive things about them. There were four beers in the pack*, but it was the 4% new beer that I tried first. It seems this will only be available on draught, so this was a bottle of comparative rarity. Was I disappointed? No! This was a lovely lager, clean, well balanced and fresh as a daisy. You could easily imagine sitting in some sunny beer garden, upwind of the smokers and enjoying a few pints of this.

Next up was its big brother, a 5% pilsner. This was drier, more bitter and again very well balanced with lemony hops making it a very satisfying beer indeed. To me the sheer cleanliness of the beers, both of them, was a very appealing aspect. Any complaints? Not from me, but E thought both a little over-carbonated, but it was a very minor quibble in a very successful tasting.

If you are in the mood for some classy British lager, buy these extremely well crafted beers. On this showing, you won't be disappointed.

I still have the bottles downstairs, expecting to photo them, but as I will be recycling the bottles, I might as well use a recycled photo. It's from Cookie's blog. Cheers Mate.

*The two other beers are a dark lager and an organic pilsner.