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Just a few things if you're a UK publican or a punter who has a good enough relationship with your local landlord that you can point these things out to them without getting barred!

Poker nights are finally being cracked down on in pubs, it was only a matter of time and a lot of guidance has been issued on this matter but some licensees either chose to ignore it or haven't seen it; the long and short of the news is that you can only have very low stakes of 5 per head or 100 per premises per day (so you may as well just play for matchsticks!).

The other thing that licensees and restaurateurs may have missed is that it's now illegal not to offer 125ml glasses of wine for sale in the on trade, irresponsible drinks promotions have also been banned - but it would appear the legislation has some serious holes in it and has been rushed through.

That annoys me because I'm firmly behind everything in this amendment to the laws and if they've buggered it up then it just creates further uncertainty for licensees who have more than enough to worry about already.