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Just a few observations on what's going on in the beery world and also a question for you my knowledgeable and lovely readers!

Firstly, the new Marston's fast cask seems to have raised a stink, I'm only going to make one comment on this for the time being because I've got some so-far unanswered questions about the technical aspects of this product BUT what I will caution is everyone thinking that this is a panacea for lack of cask distribution - it's not.

Lazy, poorly trained or ill-informed licensees will still cock cask up - this will not change that.

Nor can I see any reason why it would survive any longer or be okay in a crappy cellar BUT I do hope that this will work well for outdoor events and that it will mean that I can finally get a pint of ale at a cricket match without having to walk half the length of the ground to do so/be utterly disappointed that there isn't any (the picture is my attempt at humour, these casks must have been going very fast - geddit?! Geddit?! - okay, I'm sorry...)

In other news, word on the grapevine has it that Mikkeller is opening a beer bar - is anyone else of the opinion that they could easily drink themselves into an early grave and die happy in such a place? I have been a huge fan of Mikkeller beers since Phil Lowry forced me to drink one at 10.30 in the morning once, it was of course Beer Geek Breakfast, been hooked ever since (hmm, don't they say the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting it? Problem is I can't see what the problem is with that sentence!!).

Anyway, my issues aside, Knut Albert's Blog informs me that it will be open on April 29 and it's in Viktoriagade, Copenhagen (I think!) halfway between the Central Station and Hotel Sct Thomas with 15 beers on tap.

And finally, does anyone know of any SW/London-based cask beer-loving celebrities? If so hit me back on the comments section (that means metaphorically people - no happy slapping if you see me in the street please!).