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Oh dear. We're already half way through March and I've not mentioned Mild yet. What is wrong with me. Mild is March month.

I still obsess about Mild, despite drinking it only once a decade. Later this week I'll have a rare opportunity to knock some back. Bottles of Pretty Things 1832 Mild will be delivered on Wednesday. A full-strength Imperial Mild, originally brewed by Truman. Right down my street, what with its 10% plus ABV.

This is also a great opportunity for me to plug my book "Mild!". Easily the best book ever written about Mild Ale. Mostly because I can only think of one other. "Mild!" tells you everything you could ever need to know about Mild. And a whole load more. Then more after that.

Want to expose that arrogant know-it-all in the pub? Well bugger off, because that's probably me. But if you want to know enough to think you can impress a geek in a T-shirt, "Mild!"is the book for you. Unless you're not interested in beer history. In which case, why the hell are you reading this dull blog?