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Whether it's unbelievable value for money lunches, showcasing the very best of local brewing tradition or even opening early on derby day, The Sportsman is always striving to keep it's punters happy and it's profile high.

The latest incentive to visit the town centre's most innovative real ale pub is a meet the brewer evening, taking place on Thursday 8th April. Fittingly enough the special guest for this inaugural occasion will be Tara Mallinson. And for a ticket price of 10 you will be treated to a (no doubt) generous cooked meal, six Mallinsons beers and of course your opportunity to find out what makes Tara tick!

Interest has already been keen and remaining tickets are few, so check out how to get yours from the pub's website now and look forward to an evening in Huddersfield's pub of the season drinking Huddersfield's beer of the year!