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There are some interesting motions on the order paper of CAMRA’s 2010 AGM, to be held next month in the Isle of Man. I was particularly struck by Motion 13:
This Conference censures the NE for failing to address and counter the ‘anti-alcohol lobby'. Its silence in the face of a continuing onslaught against even moderate alcohol consumption is counter to the aims of the campaign in encouraging responsible consumption of cask-conditioned beer.

Conference instructs the NE to mount a constructive rebuttal of the aims of the growing ‘anti- alcohol lobby' and a defence of the responsible consumption of cask beer at every opportunity.

Proposed by Peter Alexander
Seconded by Graham Donning
Perhaps somebody has been reading the poll I conducted a couple of months back. I wish them luck with it, but, realistically, until CAMRA realises that it cannot counter the anti-alcohol lobby effectively without to some extent making common cause with non real ale drinkers and at-home drinkers, it will simply be falling into the neo-Pros’ divide and rule trap.

Motions 5 and 16 may also lead to some lively debate.