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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 28th July 2013)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 28th July 2013)

    Aqualung: Dark Star Red Shift
    Bucking Fastard: Harviestoun Old Engine Oil
    Real Ale Ray: Bowland Patriot
    Mobyduck: Dark Star Hylder Blonde
    Thuck Phat: Triangle Golden
    london calling: Nicholsons IPA
    PaulOfHorsham: Bristol Beer Factory Bitter Kiwi
    Wittenden: Tonbridge Copperknob
    oldboots: Hop Studio Gold
    aleandhearty: Oakham Endless Summer
    Old Blue: Tomislav
    ROBCamra: Rat Rattus Sambucus
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    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    A week of two halves with cider in the first half and beer in the second.

    Hook Norton Old Hooky 4.6%
    Sunny Republic Dorset Cross 5.0%
    Clarence & Frederick's IPA 5.2%
    Brodie's Jamaican Stout 5.3%
    Dark Star Red Shift 5.5%
    London Fields Shoreditch Triangle 6.0%
    Brodie's Hackney Red 6.0%
    Brodie's Oyster Tea Stout (Keykeg) 7.0%
    Brodie's Dalston Black (Keykeg) 7.0%

    It's between the Dark Star and the C&F, but the clear winner is the Dark Star one served in perfect condition early doors at the Cap in Hand Spoons on the Hook underpass for £2.45. It's a typical orangey red crystal malt brew with a pile of hops to overcome excess sweetness.

    BOTW Dark Star Red Shift

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    Two sessions in great weather led to reasonable consumption.

    Mc Mullens - Cask
    Mc Mullens - IPA (The person buying the round made a mistake )
    Brew House - Lemon Grass
    Harviestoun - Old Engine Oil
    Harviestoun - Schiehallion

    Although the Scheihallion sailed through the three pint test on a hot night,BOTW goes to Harviestoun Old Engine Oil ,a very good porter well balanced by the subtle hoppy bitter finish ,supped in Doggets .

    All work on the old tub now finished,so heading north up the Trent and Mersey after a long stay in Lichfield.
    "Good people drink good beer" Hunter S Thompson

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    Standing at the bar


    Bowland - Patriot

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    Out saving pubs and enjoying it.


    A very short week variety wise ,All Darkstar,
    American Pale Ale
    Hylda blonde
    Clear winner is Hylder Blonde
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    "Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."

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    A decent one this week:
    Oakham - Bishops Farewell, Inferno, Attila
    Barrowden - 7 Ryders, Hop Gear
    Nene Valley - BSA
    Hopshackle - Humopulus
    Dr Mortons - Pocket Anchovies
    Elgoods - Easy Spider
    Triangle - Golden
    Dark Star - Hophead
    Titanic - Sundeck
    Brancaster - Best, Oystercatcher, The Wreck

    Many excellent brews there with BOTW going to Triangle Golden. A new brewery to me and this 3.8%er with a delicious hoppy finish flew down on a hot day beating the Hophead and Inferno for needing another one.

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    This Space For Hire
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    Quite a few hoppy or according to the brewer hoppy beers
    kernel -cascade pale
    titanic -white star
    youngs -hummingbird
    darkstar -hophead
    weltons -walzing matilda
    shipyard -independence
    but I really liked the Nicolson -ipa 6.0 brewed at St Austall

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    Mainly Sussex but I like to move about


    Go on then, since it was memorably good: Bristol Beer Factory's Bitter Kiwi - 5% Pale ale with aromatic NZ hops. Really strong tropical fruit aromas and a hugely refreshing drink (so be careful!) - that's what they say and seems fair enough to me. Sampled as part of the Nicholson's beer festival, as was Madness collaboration 'Gladness' which I'm hoping was in bad condition rather than "supposed to taste like that".
    Keeping breweries in business for more than 40() years

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    Session beers, taken in passing.
    Box Steam Brewery-Half Sovereign 3.4%abv.Amber, long bitter finish.Quite flavoursome for the low ABV. A new (out of County) brewery for me.
    Pig and Porter-Ashburnham Pale Ale 3.8% abv. Well made pale ale,lots of Kent and Sussex hops, on gravity in the Three Chimneys. A Sussex based "Cuckoo" brewery of some promise.
    Tonbridge Brewery-Copperknob3.8%abv.Coppery session bitter.Plenty of Kent Goldings and Challenger, with , unusually, Fuggles from France, perish the thought. Exceptionally drinkable,taken at the Bell and Jorrocks.
    Close run thing between the Pig and Porter and the Tonbridge, my vote going to Copperknob.
    "At that moment I would have given a kingdom, not for champagne or hock and soda, or hot coffee but for a glass of beer" Marquess Curzon of Kedlestone, Viceroy of India.

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    A full weeks drinking with trips to Otley and Leeds

    Rudgate Zest is Best
    Salopian Darwins Origins
    Elland Beyond the Pale
    Acorn Barnsley Bitter
    Wharfebank Summer Ale
    Ilkley Mary Jane
    Wharfebank Tether Blonde
    Okells MPA
    Ossett Yorkshire Blonde
    Thwaites Wainwright
    Robinsons Dizzy Blonde
    Ilkley Lotus IPA
    Hambleton Royal Foal
    Leeds Pale
    Hop Studio Gold
    Partners Blonde
    Copper Dragon Golden Pippin
    Marstons Brakspears Oxford Gold
    Theakstons Old Peculier
    T Taylors Landlord
    Moohouses Dr Rudi
    Cumbrian Legendary Loweswater Gold
    Oakham Green Devil IPA
    Kirkstall Dissolution IPA

    In spite of Dissolution and Green Devil being on the list BOTW is Hop Studio Gold

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