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1. ‘Cain’s: the final chapter?’* and ‘Chapter 9: Full Circle’ by Chris Routledge
Routledge wrote Cain’s: the Story of Liverpool in a Pint and has followed the ups and downs of the brewery under the Dusanj brothers throughout the last decade. Now, as it looks as if it might finally be on its last legs, he offers a sort-of-insider’s view of the current crisis (actually not that long…) which is best read alongside the chapter from his 2008 book to which it refers.

2. ‘Right Here Waiting’ by Edward McLelland
We found this through either Longreads or Longform — we can’t remember which — and enjoyed it for two reasons: first, because it’s a funny story about a journalist winding up a touchy local celebrity but, secondly, and more importantly, because of the lovely pen portrait of a Chicago bar and the universal struggle to become ‘a regular’.

3. ‘When Brick Lane was Home to the Biggest Brewery in the World’ by Martyn Cornell
The king of the longform beer article doesn’t really do short. This piece tells the story of Truman, Hanbury & Buxton and its colossal ‘Black Eagle’ brewery in the East End of London from beginning (1683?) to today.

4. ‘Byron, Brewdog, and the recuperation of radical aesthetics’ by Jonathan Moses
Moses is a left-wing political activist and teacher and so has an interesting perspective on Brewdog and what he calls their ‘aversion to association with the corporate market’.

5. ‘The Pub That Was Saved by Irony’ by The Gentle Author (Spitalfields Life)
How an architectural heritage museum wanted to demolish a Victorian pub, and the campaign to save it, juxtaposed with the memories of George Barker who grew up in the Marquis of Lansdowne before World War II.
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Long Articles About Beer for May 2013