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If you have been to Ireland you will know that there is a premium charged on half pints. The amount varies, but can be off puttingly high. When Eileen's dad was alive he used to forbid her buying halves on grounds of value, on the frequent family outings to their County Claire roots in Ennis. You don't see so much of it here, but I was exposed to it twice in Glasgow. In the magnificent if somewhat soulless and austere West, a pint of their house brewed beer will set you back a not unacceptable 3. A half will cost you 2. Now this is the sort of place where invariably you will want to experiment and taste a few. Is this a cynical ploy to milk such customers, or, are they selling pints at a discount? I don't know, but I don't like it either way.

On the way home, the Toby Jug opposite Central Station, was selling Kelburn beers at 2.30 a pint, but two halves were 2.70. Illogical as Mr Spock would say. Now I know all the arguments about a half pint drinker using up the resources of the pub and spending less. Frankly that is bollocks. For the beer buff ordering a few, such antics can become pricey and of course are against prevailing anti drink advice to drink less. Now I don't mind the half pint rounding going in favour of the pub provided it is kept reasonable, but these cases are not.

It is wrong and they should stop it.