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I'm amazed how many of these recipes there are. I keep finding more. It being the festive season, it seems appropriate to share them with you.

"Cool Tankard, or Beer Cup.—(No. 464.)
A quart of mild Ale, a glass of white Wine, one of Brandy, one of Capillaire, the juice of a Lemon, a roll of the Peel pared thin, Nutmeg grated at the top, a sprig of Borrage (or Balm,) and a bit of toasted Bread.

Cider Cup—(No. 465.)
Is the same,—only substituting Cider for Beer.

Flip—(No. 466.)

Keep grated Ginger and Nutmeg with a little fine dried Lemon Peel rubbed together in a mortar.

To make a quart of Flip:—Put the Ale on the fire to warm,—and beat up three or four Eggs with four ounces of moist Sugar, a tea-spoonful of grated Nutmeg or Ginger, and a quartern of good old Rum or Brandy. When the Ale is near to boil, put it into one pitcher, and the Rum and Eggs, &c. into another;—turn it from one pitcher to another till it is as smooth as Cream.

N.B. This quantity I styled One Yard of Flannel.

Obs.—The above is given in the words of the Publican who gave us the Receipt.

Tewahdiddle.—(No. 467.) A pint of Table Beer, (or Ale, if you intend it for a supplement to your "Night Cap,") a table-spoonful of Brandy, and a tea-spoonful of brown Sugar, or clarified Syrup (No. 475;) — a little grated Nutmeg or Ginger, may be added, and a roll of very thin cut Lemon Peel."
"The Cook's Oracle" by William Kitchiner, 1827, pages 348-349.
I love the name of that last one: Tewahdiddle. Where the hell might that come from?