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You know what I haven't done for a while? Push one of my amateur books. I'd say self-published, but they're oh so much more than that. Self just about everythinged.

I'll be honest with you about why I'm promoting this book now. I think it's a book every beer-lover should own. And there are definitely a few of you who don't own it yet. This blog has more than four readers. The number's in double figures almost every single day. There must be a vast untapped market for the best book about Mild Ale ever written.

"Mild! plus" is 350 pages plus of fun* and facts, recipes and tables, numbers, numbers, terrible jokes and yet more numbers.

You've a choice of delightful formats: physical paper

or ethereal ebook

Buy "Mild! plus" now in one format or another.

* Interpretations of what constitutes "fun" may vary.