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We've made a couple of new beers lately.

One is The English Experiment.We brewed this with John Keeling of Fullers. We had great fun making it and it's been so popular that we've made it again, of course, using every last little bit of advice and instructions from John himself. The second batch is soaking up dry-hop flavours and aromas right now and will be packaged shortly.

The other, Rhetoric Ed.I, is a crazy star anise infused "Quasi-Bombastic Belgique quad" - whatever that is. We like it a lot, although it might not make the hop-heads swoon with ecstasy, we still think it's a great full flavoured beer.

We filled a KeyKeg with some of the first batch of The English Experiment. This is the genuine article, made with John waving his brewers magic around the place. We put some of the Rhetoric Ed.I in a regular keg. Our Alex dropped them off at Port Street Beer House when we sent him round Manchester in the trusty Hardknott Van.

We're all going to storm over there next Wednesday, 18th July and be our usual entertaining selves. It's a chance to try a couple of rare keg beers that don't normally get presented in this format.