Hello to anyone who finds their way to this message. I live in Kingston Ontario Canada which is approximately 230 kms from the city of Toronto, perhaps you have heard of that. I have been searching for my father whom I have never met for over ten years. It has lead me to his hometown of I believe to be Auchenleck I hope I got that correct. First I was looking at a town of Auchinloch but that was my error. Anyway I am rambling here, so in my search I have found a couple of long lost relatives who I am hoping to meet soon. I am coming to Scotland for my first time on May 30th until June 9th. I am staying in Glasgow for a night, Edinburgh for two nights, Fort William for two nights, Perth for one night, and St Andrews for one night. Something like that. I have rented a car and I have heard driving in the large cities can be trying. I am up for the challenge. I have driven in Los Angeles California on a number of occasions, New York City on at least three occasions, and of course Toronto which is our largest city in Canada at approx 6 million. But on the left hand side of the road, well never. So my question out to whoever is where are some good places to eat, and I don't need high end places. I am looking for good food, as well as a few good pubs. Not necessarily the modern wave we see in all the large centers. Somewhere safe for a person travelling alone, but that part I don't mind. Just don't want to get into a muck So I am open to suggestions