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Given up my Scottish theme? Not a chance, as you'll see when you get a bit further.

Guinness Double Brown Stout Porter. There's a name that rolls easily off the tongue. No wonder they shortened it to Extra Stout. Here it is, with a misspelling that was to be repeated thousands of times over the years:

Carlisle Journal - Saturday 02 April 1836. page 1.

That's pretty early for Guinness in England. And confirmation - if any were needed - that Guinness Extra Stout was once called Stout Porter. That should help settle a few arguments.

Then there's the Scottish connection. McNellan, that's what later became Calder. The Shore Brewery, in both cases, was the names of the premises. But look at what they're selling: Pale Alloa Ale. It would be easy to jump to the conclusion that it was a Pale Ale. But I'd be more cautious. Just as likely it was a pale-coloured Alloa Ale, that is a strong Scotch Ale. I'd incline towards the latter as 1836 is early for a Pale Ale.

I had another post planned in this slot. One about Archibald Arrol. But I've had to postpone it. I've found a stack of related material I need go through properly first. Dead exciting stuff. Honestly. All about their financial structure.