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If you are about in the next few days and see a Mallinsons pump clip for 'JMY 70' take a look at the faces on the clip. Well, that's not strictly correct, all the faces are the same bloke, Elaine's dad, John.

Its possible that some will not know John, or why he has a beer brewed specially for him. The simple answer is that John will be 70 on Friday, a good enough reason for any one to have a beer brewed. But John, who lives in the West Midlands, is an integral part of Mallinsons brewery's success. I don't know him well but well enough to know what a good bloke he is. And he is guy that makes people like me very envious. He can make anything out of anything.

Much of the interior of the brewery has been custom made by John to make Tara and Elaine's life easier, from air vents to hoists. He has been working behind the scenes to help make the brewery the success it has become.

So when you see it, raise a glass of 'JMY 70' to John. One man who really reserves the accolade. And a Happy birthday from all at 'A Swift One'.