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Since the move to new premises in Castleford, the Revolutions Brewing Company has increasingly been catching my eye. Clearly someone there has a very similar taste in music to my own, and their ability to produce pump clip artwork very close to the original album sleeves has become a cause for comment, and not a little nostalgia, whenever encountered.

I recall being especially excited when The Scream appeared on the bar at a Huddersfield pub not too long ago, instantly transporting me back to my first hearing of Metal Postcard on the John Peel showin the late seventies. Unfortunately my beer appreciation wasn't challenged in the same dramatic fashion that night as my musical perspective had been some thirty-odd years earlier, but nevertheless - thanks for the memory!

The latest batch of beers to be launched include The Clash, Joy Division and Kraftwerk inspired brews, and these will be appearing at the brewery's next gig, namely a mini-festival at Mr. Foleys in Leeds on Friday 10th February (with accompanying soundtrack). I shall hopefully be giving them all a spin, whether in Leeds or elsewhere, and whilst previous offerings from Revolutions have yet to really hit the mark with me, I'm expecting nothing short of absolute masterpieces where London (Calling) Porter & Unknown Pleasures are concerned.

Special thanks to Leigh at The Good Stuff for bringing the festival to our attention.