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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 15th January 2012)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinno View Post
    Posting early, but if anything beats the Red Squirrel West Coast Stout at The Nags Head I will be surprised. A lovely, tasty, chewy beer. And all the better when people are buying you freebies for your birthday
    Very pleased to find the Red Squirrel West Coast Stout on in the Harp on Saturday, especially after Quinno's post reminded me that it has been ages since I last saw it. They also had their London Porter on as well, which was great as well, but the stout edges it.

    Other good ones this week included Dark Star Hophead, Blue Monkey Guerilla, Westerham Puddledock Porter and Young's Winter Warmer.

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    Lots of choice following a day in York and some pub surveys for Camra,

    Daleside - Square Rigger IPA
    Hawkshead - Windermere Pale
    Yorkshire Dales - Deer Park
    Rudgate - Ruby Mild
    Copper Dragon - Golden Pippin
    York - Guzzler
    Great Heck - Yorkshire Navigator
    Marston Moor - Cromwells Pale
    Ilkley - Lotus IPA
    Treboom - Drumbeat
    Hardknott - Code Black
    Black Dog - Schooner
    Durham - Apollo
    Salamander - Hanzaki
    Castle Rock - Screech Owl

    the Lake District comes top this week with the best being a choice between Hardknott and Hawkshead but the Hawkshead Windermere Pale was just that bit nicer.

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    A normal Saturday trip between The Baum and The Regal Moon through up quite a few decent beers on Saturday.

    A trip through Shaw & Milnrow on Friday only threw up a couple despite visiting 13 pubs.

    An honourary mention to Little Valley Withens IPA & Marston's Wai-Iti (again) tried in The Waggon Inn & Moonspinners both in Milnrow.

    Kelham Blonde was great in The Baum as was Mallinsons Luna & Rudgate Admiral's Cheer.

    Elland Galaxy in The Regal Moon also had a chance.

    But overall I think Kelham Island Blonde wins it from Blue Monkey Guerrilla.
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    A cracking week for beers that have included a mini soho crawl, a jaunt around Crouch End and sessions in the Southampton Arms in Gospel Oak and the Bricklayers in Putney. Goodies have included a couple of Isle of Purbecks, Sambrook Powerhouse Porter, Jesrey liberation IPA, Wold Top Dawn O' Time, Old Dairy AK 1911 (a resurrected post WWI ale), East London Nightwatchman (first for me from this new London micro), Dark Star Critical Mass (a killer) and several others but the one I have starred on my list for the week is Magic Rock Rapture at the Southampton Arms. Just as well I had highlighted it as the 7.8 Critical Mass I had afterwards has taken most of my memory away from everything else!
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    A pretty uninspiring week for me, thisone:
    Cottage Western Champion
    Titanic Plum Porter
    Cottage Tornado
    Purity Mad Goose
    Ireally didn’t like Titanic’s plum porter. I have horrid flashbacks to havingrashly declared Cottage to be one of my favourite breweries of last year, andapologies to A&H and others who must have thought I’d lost my marbles, mymemory, or my tastebuds. It was evidently a blip. So it has to be Purity Mad Goose, a decent pint drunkin the Punch Tavern in Fleet St.
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