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2011 has been a whirlwind of a year in the British beer scene, a raft of new bars, many styled as 'World Craft Beer Houses' showcasing the best of beer the world has to offer, continental styles, US kegged beers & the best of British in both cask & keg, alongside hundreds of bottled beers from all over the world, these new wave bars are proving to be meccas for beer connoisseurs nationwide.

Fizzing beside these new bars has been a staggering new array of creative brewing from BRITISH brewers, new styles created, old ones re-styled & classics remade.

When I look back at SWB's 2011 it has truly has been a blur in places the rate of progression with the beers, brand & our new bottling & kegging facets of our operations which have become considerable parts of our business in no time at all.

Bottle, Cask, Keg & Aged Beers, 2011 the year dispense diversity took off.
Highlights from our year include, launching Diablo IPA at NWAF Manchester unbelievably just 12 short months ago (hard to believe it's only been around a year, feels like forever the amount we've brewed of it!).

Various meet the brewers, Port Street Beer House & The Free Trade Inn's first MTB's amongst others were highlights.

Brewing the Nerotype series of Black IPA's the 7C's beers, The Benz, Rouge Hop, Kahuna, Cohort, KopiKat & the Saisons. Establishing beers such as Diablo, Barista & Teleporter to become popular nationwide favourites.

Who could forget International IPA Day back in August? A coming together of Brewers, Bars & Beer lovers to celebrate the world's most iconic beer style.

The launch of our bottled beers & online store just 3 short months ago...

And an acceleration of brewing & ideas towards the end of the year saw us finish with a record quarter.

All in all an amazing year, all of which would not have been possible if it wasn't for all the amazing people in & around this industry.

Brewers, licensees, bloggers & drinkers alike,

I salute you all,

You are the BEST kind of people,

You are BEER people. :)

Happy New Year to you & yours, here's to an exciting, prosperous & opportunity filled 2012 with many beery treats from us in store...