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Thread: Navigation Inn, Kings Norton, Birmingham

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    Default Navigation Inn, Kings Norton, Birmingham

    Along with a lot of others, I put in an objection to the planning application to demolish this pub to build a supermarket, as if we needed another one!

    Attachment to e-mail received today -

    Site: Navigation Inn, 1 Wharf Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham, B30 3EX
    Proposal: Demolition of public house and associated buildings and erection of new retail
    supermarket with associated parking, access and landscaping.
    I refer to previous correspondence and would advise you that the above application has now been withdrawn
    by the applicant from the Planning Register.
    If a further application is received by the Council then you will be notified in order to give you the opportunity to
    make comments.

    Power to the people!!!!
    Alcohol doesn't solve problems .... but then again, neither does milk.

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    I remember when first doing the pubs in Aldridge, the Aldridge Tavern had been closed due to under-age drinking, fighting etc - and subsequently demolished. It was replaced by a Tesco selling cheap booze - no doubt solving all of the social issues that faced the Aldridge Tavern

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    To be fair it's a XXXX hole pub and other than contain scum serves no real purpose to society. The toilets make me heave for a start although beer and food is reasonably priced.

    Tbh my post appears harsh, however after drinking in this pub for a number of years while living in Birmingham it isn't a pleasant establishment. Saving grace is a police station across the road....
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