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"This micro has been brewing in Oxenhope for a while and is the project of Rob Bradley and Bob Walker. The plan in the new year is to start brewing "near Ossett". This is actually at Shaw Cross, so it's in the Heavy Woollen branch area by a few hundred metres. They are looking at installing a 15 barrel plant in a factory unit already being used by one of the partners.

The local launch of their beers took place at the Unicorn at Carlton near Rothwell (not Carlton near Carlton Towers or Carleton near Pontefract). The Unicorn pub is next door to Carlton WMC a few metres from where the 444 bus cuts left on its way along Westfield Road past the Rosebud towards Rothwell using two sides of a triangle, as buses do. The house beer which they've made for the Unicorn is called Horny Unicorn a very pale session bitter at 3.8%. On the pumpclip there's the head of a donkey (a bit like the one in Shrek) with a unicorn horn between its ears.

A second beer, gold in colour from their portfolio called Legless Blonde at 5.5% would have gone on, but they felt that the mix had been boiled to too high a temperature causing some of the sugars to caramelize. There are brewers who would have re-named it and passed it off as an unusual brew with a touch of smokiness. I thought from a small sample that it was nevertheless quite drinkable, but perhaps not a full pint of it. Another beer in the portfolio is Strawrunner also 3.8% but more beer-coloured than Horny Unicorn. They will be packaging their beers in steel firkins obtained when Tetleys closed down in Leeds."