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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 18th December 2011)

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    Some good ones this week - Dark Star APA and Binghams Hot Dog at the Nags would usually take the crown on a normal week but this wasn't a normal week.

    On the way back from a friends funeral the minibus stopped off at The Bird In Hand and David the landlord had put on Ascot Ales Emperor Penguin on for us. Dangerously drinkable for 7.5% and I had two pints!

    Didn't last long at work the following day.

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    Dartford, Kentshire near Londinium.


    My local 'Spoons launched its second special house ale within the last month, this time from Kent Brewery - a 5.5% heavily hopped beast of a pint called Boss's Brew. Fans of Jaipur will appreciate it although it was too sharp for me. A close thing for me between Nelsons Dogwatch Stout in Dartford's Wat Tyler and Batemans Victory Ale in the Three Daws at Gravesend. I'll go for the latter, a pretty hefty pint at 5.9% but quite drinkable and I'm not a great fan of Batemans so they deserve the nod for this one!

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    Unusual week last week with quite a lot of beer, but not that many different ones.

    Went to the Manchester Xmas Markets on Thursday and only bought beer, German Lager.

    Started off in The Oast House with a pint of Cumbrian Legendary Loweswater Gold and then drank lots of lager.

    Finished off in The City Arms and can't even remember what I had in there.

    Friday had a few pints around Rochdale with only Elland Stocking Top really being worth a mention in The Regal Moon.

    Saturday was our Xmas meal at The Baum where I had York Humbug and Hornbeam Festive Ale, plus a lot of red wine.

    The Hornbeam is going to win it.
    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    My BOTW (one of just two pints I managed this week) is Fullers Black Cab Stout, served up in perfect condition in the Royal Standard, Croydon.

    Even the group of office workers on the table next to me couldn't ruin my enjoyment of this pint, despite them belting out not one, but two full renditions of the 12 Days of Christmas.

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