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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 18th December 2011)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 18th December 2011)

    Thuck Phat: Ilkley Lotus IPA
    Oggwyn Trench: Pictish Winter Solstice
    Wittenden: Flowerpots Cheriton Porter
    oldboots: Kirkstall Disolution IPA
    Alesonly: Jennings Sneck Lifter
    Bucking Fastard: Magic Rock Curious
    Old Blue: DarkStar American Pale Ale
    gillhalfpint: Black Isle Chilli Porter
    Quinno: Ascot Ales Emperor Penguin
    ROBCamra: Hornbeam Festive Ale
    RogerB: Batemans Victory Ale
    Pubsignman: Fullers Black Cab Stout
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    An eclectic mix this week and little more to be had for me sadly:
    Itchen Valley St Nichs Tipple
    Jaipur IPA
    Magic Rock Curious
    Ilkley Lotus IPA
    Doom Bar
    Oakham Bishops Farewell, Ho Ho Ho

    All of these were very good. Magic Rock is new to me and the Curious didn't disappoint, both Oakham beers were excellent but BOTW goes to Ilkley Lotus IPA. A very recognisable IPA and flows deceptively well at 5.7%.

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    Much better week this week

    Fullers - London Pride
    Bathams - Bitter
    Sharps - Abbey Xmas
    Northumberland - Fairies Liquid
    Northumberland - Santas Beard
    Phoenix - Snowbound
    Pictish - Winter Solstice
    Pictish - Northern Brewer

    The Northumberland Fairies Liquid lived up to its name and tasted like dish water

    BOTW Pictish - Winter Solstice
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    A useful Saturday in Hampshire:
    Palmers Copper Ale-a lovely floral fruity session bitter from this underrated family brewer.
    Banks MILD-a long time since I'd last drunk it,I found it a touch thin after the Palmers.
    Bowman Nutz-a silly name for an interesting dark beer of 5%ABV., allegedly brewed from an old Corsican recipe, using sweet chestnuts in the mash.The chestnuts were noticable, and it put me in mind of Christmas Dinner.
    All three above where served on gravity dispense at the Tichborne Arms.
    Flowerpots Cheriton Porter-an excellent black porter, initially roasty followed by a whoosh of blacberry amongst the coffee. My BOTW.
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    Not a bad week for beer:

    Copper Dragon Golden Pippin
    Moorhouses Premier Bitter
    Roosters YPA
    Cottage Vixen
    Wensleydale Black Dub
    Titanic First Class
    Ossett Yorkshire Blonde
    Burton Bridge Hearty Ale
    Ossett Nervous Turkey
    Kirkstall Disolution IPA
    Daleside Xmas Cracker
    Adnams Old Ale
    Acorn Yorkshire Pride
    Oakham Inferno
    Abbeydale Gothic
    Oakham Mompesson Gold

    best of the bunch were the Wensleydale, the Adnams and of course the Oakhams but it has to be Kirkstall Disolution IPA
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    Had some very good Ales this week but the best was.
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    Had a good volume of ale this week along with some seasonal "drinks" and some gassy keg tosh ,and Fullers London Porter looked like a strong contender until I came across Magic Rock Curious in The Dove close to London Fields.A very hoppy pale ale and packed full of flavour for a 3.9% beer,another winner of BOTW by the boys from Huddersfield.
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    Was looking like a difficult decision this week, yesterday evening I was contemplating a BOTW between:
    Vale – Special
    Surrey Hills – Albury Ruby
    Cropton – Blackout
    Skinners’ – Ginger Tosser
    Sheps – Original Porter
    York – Humbug
    Purity – Mad Goose
    Brecon – Bright Beacons
    Brecon – Pale Beacons
    Myrica Gale (no idea who brews this)
    Fullers – ESB
    Het Anker Gouden Carolus
    Harviestoun – Engine Oil
    Wolf – Timber Wolf
    Triple fff – Comfortably Numb
    Beer Works – Bipolar Bear
    Twickenham – Winter Warmer
    Adnams – Broadside
    Young’s – Black Lion Christmas Ale (obviously a rebadging)

    Plenty of good beers there, but difficult to pick out anything really outstanding. None of the Christmas beers really lit my fire. The Gouden Carolus was great, but I didn't manage to work out which one it was, I only know it cost £4.40/half in the Rake and they said it was 10.5%, which I can't quite work that out as I can't find a 10.5% one on the website. Had several good beers in the Green Dragon in Croydon, which was particularly welcome as the quality had been iffy the last few times I'd been there. The Cropton Blackout in the Blackfriars was really good, which pleasantly surprised me as my heart had fallen when I realised after ordering it that I'd had it before in the Clarence in W1 and found it pretty disgusting. But no obvious winner until the eleventh hour last night when
    DarkStar – American Pale Ale came on in the Lamb in Surbiton to rescue me from my dilemma.
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    Good news about The Green Dragon,thanks for that OB.Use to pop in a lot before beer issues forced a retreat to The George.Will give it another go when next in the metropolis.

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    This weeks offerings were as follows:
    York Naughty Noelle
    Whittlebury Santa's Tipple
    Beer Geek Legend of the Golden Geek
    Oakham Crackers
    Abbeydale Oh Santa
    Nethergate Old Growler
    Saltaire Triple Chocoholic (again and again).
    Maxim Santa's Soot
    Naylors Snowdrop
    Tempest Rye PA
    Great Heck Fuggles Puddingly Weizen
    Camden Town Showboat
    Revolutions Fairytale
    Saltaire Blonde
    Leeds Pale
    Wharfebank Verbeia Pale Ale
    Ilkley Tap 3 Northern Clout
    Magic Rock Curious NZ
    Black Isle Chilli Porter
    Thornbridge Yule
    Partners Shoddy Porter
    Summer Wine Moose
    Leeds Gyle No 479
    Durham Bombay 106

    Phew - that looks a lot, but we were at the opening of the new ale house Post Office Vaults in Birmingham and the York Tap.
    Despite my love of Saltaire Triple Chocoholic though, my BOTW goes to Black Isle Chilli Porter. It had hust the right amount of tongue tingling to make it a wonderful beer.
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