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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 11th December 2011)

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    Please give generously Quinno's Avatar
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    Project Venus, 'Venus Black' at Easington Hotel

    Brewed by the ladies:

    Of the Xmas beers I've tried most have been poor, a notable exception being the O'Hanlon's Goodwill which is available at Wetherspoons as part of their seasonal list.

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    Had an excellent weekend in West Yorkshire taking in, to varying degrees, Huddersfield, Linthwaite, Dewsbury, Leeds and Wakefield (the latter under the expert direction of Aleandhearty )

    There was so much good beer to shout about this week, so I'll list some of the more memorable ones:

    Titanic Mild
    Linfit Linfit Bitter
    Brewdog Alice Porter
    Roosters Advent
    Bob's Brewing Golden Lion
    Fernandes Ghost of Louis
    Empire Moonraker Mild
    Acorn Old Moor Porter

    Plenty of worthy BOTW's in amongst that lot, but there were two more that stood out above the rest - Marble Lagonda Trial no. 4 and Magic Rock/Dark Star Rock Star with the complexity of the latter helping it to come out on top.

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    A few quiet beers in The Baum on Tuesday where I had a new Phoenix beer called Brown Boots a strong brown ale.

    The jury's out on that one for me.

    Also on the bar was Green Mill Flavia, Oggy's BOTW last week. Very good it was too.

    Definitely a contender for my BOTW this week.

    On Friday Brass Monkeys Snow Monkey threw its hat into the ring tried twice in The Flying Horse Rochdale whilst watching a decent covers band.

    A couple of Mallinsons beers Comet & Dandy Highwayman in The Baum also had a look in.

    But overall I think that Green Mill Flavia is still going to be BOTW.
    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    I'll stay on me own
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    Ive had lots of different beers over the weekend and all but one were quite nice.

    St Austell - Tribute
    Oakham - Bishops Farewell
    Everards - Sleigh Bell
    Everards - Beacon bitter
    Julian Church - Vicar of Dribley
    Banks's bitter
    Marstons - Pedigree
    Sharpes - Doom Bar
    Tim Taylor - Landlord
    Marstons - EPA
    Muirhouses - Magnum mild

    It was a toss up between the Bishops farewell and Magnum mild

    So my beer of the week goes to Oakham Bishops Farewell which i tried in the very nice Chandlers Arms at Shearsby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al 10000 View Post

    So my beer of the week goes to Oakham Bishops Farewell which i tried in the very nice Chandlers Arms at Shearsby.
    An excellent choice Al of both beer and pub, may I compliment your good taste.

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    Very very poor week for me on the beer front only one decent pint , though plenty of Cobra with Saturdays curry

    BOTW Wye Valley - Butty Bach
    Theres a Man with a Mullet going Mad with a Mallet in Millets !

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    Had treks around Pimlico, Shepherds Bush and Banbury this week. Christmas ales seem to be following me around so it's good when I find a new non-Xmas beer. My local 'Spoons has just introduced a couple of specially brewed ales the pick being Smithy's Moonshine from the Nelson Brewery but I'm going with Quinno and the Easington, Banbury's Project Venus Black Venus brewed at Oldershaw by the sort of ladies that would obviously make a dream date. It might be a girly beer but it's good!

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