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Thread: Cirencester

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    Default Cirencester

    Hi all,

    I will be in Cirencester next weekend. Does anybody know the place ?

    Any suggestions are welcome !



    I am a salmon !!

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    Hi Delboy20,

    I went to Cirencester is 2002 and tried to visit all the pubs there but i failed, i missed out on three pubs.

    Cirencester is a really nice Cotswold town that is said to be the capital of the Cotswolds,it is a nice compact town and it is very pubby i went in 21 pubs there.

    On my visit there were five Arkells tied houses and i think these are still up and running all the other pubs sold decent beers except the larger coaching inns in the middle which were fizz houses.
    Most of the building are made from cotswold stone making this town look very nice.

    I would advise a visit there as it is such a nice place to have a drink.

    Cheers Alan

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