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Readers of 'A Swift One' will be well aware of one of my pet hates, and that of other readers too, and this weekend I have found a couple more examples that just go to prove the point.

On the previous entry I referred to By The Horns producing a dead simple, easy to read pump clip. Great you may say, but how did someone at the brewery manage to release it without any reference to the abv on it. A simple, school boy error, and possibly illegal. Not much help if you have never encountered the beer before and have no idea what strength to expect.

If you take a look at the previous post, Will has kindly added a picture of the Fullers pump clip for the 'Black Cab Stout', nothing wrong with that you may say looking at it. Everything you want is there, it is at

tractive, easy to read and makes a good point of sale. Where the post picture and the actual clip differ is only slight, but in my opinion somewhat annoying. The lettering on the clip that looks grey is actually silver, and unless the light shines in the right place makes it very difficult to read, 'Cab' and 'Stout' are especially hard. May be I am being pedantic, but it makes an excellent clip less than perfect, and does tend to confuse the punter, or maybe its just me.

What I am in favour of, and wish all brewerys did is something similar to the clip on the left. All the information I require is there, and is easy to read on a crowded bar. Its not too much to ask for, or is it ?