It's long overdue that we had a thread where we can give a little bit of kudos to our dedicated band of pub reviewers.

Inspired in part by Hondo's admiration for RogerB's review of the Garrick Arms,

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"the pub did hit the headlines a few years ago when ex Blue Peter presenter turned DJ Richard Bacon famously got a pasting in the bogs downstairs"
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if i rated pubs that would certainly merit a bonus point
it would be good to use this thread to highlight those reviews that make us laugh, cry or, more importantly, drop everything and get to the pub in question.

To get us started, how about this understaement from the recent Nottingham get together c/o Soupy:

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""The service was fine and the clientele consisted of a load of studenty females that could model for England and a group of pubs galore people that could model for Wetherspoons."