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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 20th November 2011)

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    This week:

    Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Wincle Under Taker
    TT Landlord

    The Bishops was, as ever, outstanding but BOTW goes to Wincle Under Taker. A new brewery to me and this is a dark ale at 4.5% which is good after a half but continues to improve the more you have.

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    A few interesting ones this week including Tring Blonde, Rebellion Smuggler, Fullers Black Cab Stout and Whitstable Kentish Reserve, but none of these came close to Ascot Anastasia Exile Stout which was on fine form in the Claret Free House, Addiscombe.

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    Did a couple of mini crawls around Covent Garden and Islington during the week prior to a couple of gigs - some interesting stuff including a set of organic beers from Pitfield Brewery which were all new to me. I think this week however I'll opt for one that was pipped a couple of weeks back - Fullers Black Cab Stout in the Lamb & Flag, Covent Garden.

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    A very good batch of beers sampled this week, with only a couple not to my taste. This week's contenders:

    Wychwood - Dogs Bollocks.
    Roosters - Jasmine IPA.
    Kelham Island - Pale Rider.
    Wentworth - Aussie Blonde.
    Marble - Ginger.
    Goose Eye - Chinook.
    Saltaire - Hazelnut Coffee Porter.
    Two Roses - Chinook.
    Brown Cow - Captain Oates.
    Northern - Two Tone Special.
    Fernandes - Motueka IPA.
    Allgates - Shimla IPA.
    Fernandes - Malt Shovel MILD.
    Ossett - Silver Link.

    Enjoyed three lovely dark ales in Captain Oates, Two Tone Special and regular contender MSM, but the clear winner was Fernandes Motueka IPA, a wonderfully aromatic pale beer.
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    WPA (Welsh Pale Ale) from Big Bog brewery, sampled in Spooner's Cafe & Bar, Porthmadog.

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    Sadly the quality and WOW factor was completely missing at Bury, oh well.

    In fact I had Robinson's Build A Rocket Boys brewed by Elbow at the festival.

    I then had a pint of it here Art Picture House (Lloyds No.1) and it was in much better condition.

    Acorn Santiam IPA was pretty good in the Regal Moon but I wasn't as impressed with it as others have been.

    Dunscar Bridge Clockin' Off was good in The Baum.

    But the BOTW is going to be Copper Dragon Fire Dancer. Amber coloured but tasted much lighter, a nice beer for a session.
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    This week it's going to be Blackwater Brewery Pre Raphaelite, a complex beer with strong hops, citrus and malty undertones.
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