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Thread: Pub Of The Month - November 2011

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    Not original but I haven't been in for some time and had forgotten quite how good The Harp is. Definitely the best I visited in November.

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    I managed two fairly short crawls this month in High Wycombe and Rochester, with the latter being the more enjoyable. The stand out pub in Rochester was The Man Of Kent which ticked a lot of boxes for me. The highlight was the beer selection - ten handpumps offering a range of strengths and styles from nine different Kentish breweries. Excellent stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trainman View Post
    Well I'll be in trouble with a&h if I don't don't pin my gong to Fernandes Brewery Tap, Fernandes Brewery Tap , so I will.
    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    and I'd be in trouble with him if I didn't nominate the Bull and Fairhouse, so I will.
    Touched by your loyalty guys. To set the record straight, the Fernandes Tap has been the pub I've called home for the past fourteen years, but I think the Bull is gradually winning my affections.

    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    BTW A&H what happened to the updated review promised in 2010?
    Usual thing of the road to hell and all that. Currently pending, #157 in a long list...
    'And where he supped the past lived still. And where he sipped the glass brimmed full' John Barleycorn, Carol Ann Duffy.

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    I have always thought pub of the month is difficult to do as I enjoy different pubs for different reasons.

    Nottingham crawl. How different these pubs were. Chosen Ropewalk.
    Sheffield crawl. Again could put any of them. Chosen Gardeners Rest.
    Leicester crawl. Did 3 new ones. How to choose.... Chosen Salmon.

    Also in running would be Egham USC where we went for a beer festival at the beginning of the month, and Wood Farm Brewey Tap which was amazing and a must visit for anyone in the area near Willey, Warwickshire.

    Cannot pick one from these and would be more likely to add others, so will leave it at that.
    Alcohol doesn't solve problems .... but then again, neither does milk.

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