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Thread: Pubs Galore Business cards

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    Default Pubs Galore Business cards

    We keep a good supply of these in. They are intended to be left in pubs and look like:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Business Card.png 
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    A number of our regulars have been leaving them as they go about their travels, they can also be good if you are photographing to show to the pub owners if they are concerned.

    Basically we are happy to give out boxes to contributing members of our community as they are a nice easy targeted way for us to promote the site. We give them out whenever we are at PuG meet ups, but we are happy to mail them out as well.

    If you want us to sent you some send a PM to "Galore Admin" - click on the name above this post and select Private Message.

    The following are some best practice security guidelines

    Feel free to query first, but at some point you will need to send us your address.

    Once we have sent the cards in the post we will delete the address from our Private Message inbox.

    For your own security it is also good practice to delete your sent Private Message to us - click on Notifications, then Inbox in the top right -> Click on sent items on the left of the screen -> click on the box to the right of the sent message with the address in, then at the bottom right of the list select delete, then click proceed.

    Whilst we take every effort to ensure that your account remains secure, not having a record of your address offers the best security.

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    Have to say guys your cards are being well received from pubs I have visited and are being placed on pub notice boards to draw more attention to the site. A lot of staff and managers alike get eager to have a look on the site to read what's being said on the reviews.

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    Brilliant, thanks for distributing them.

    I think they are fantastic promotion for us as straight away they show someone is interested enough to distribute them.

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