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Thread: November pub fests.

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    Default November pub fests.

    Some pub fests coming up November sound interesting.

    Thurs 17th (from 8pm) - Sun 20th.
    The Longstop, 9 Churchgate, Leicester

    Format 16 on stillage , 6 through handpumps

    Mon 14th - Sun 20th
    The Criterion, Millstone Lane, Leicester
    North and East Yorkshire Beers

    Around 35 on prov list. Format approx 10 though handpump with remainder from cellar.

    The Salmon, Butt Close Lane, Leicester

    New Brewery Weekend Fri 25th - Sun 27th Nov

    12 New beers from 6 - 8 new breweries.

    Shakespeare in Sheffield near Kelham Island Tavern 17 - 19th Nov.

    CAMRA fests Nov that I know are Dudley and Shrewsbury, both 24-26th. We are at Dudley Friday.

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    Bury Beer Festival is 18th - 19th November. No longer a CAMRA run fest, but still worth a look.
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