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Thread: Antic pubs

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    Default Antic pubs

    Antic pubs have been getting a few mentions in various threads so I thought I'd start a more sepcific thread to keep up with its, er antics. For anyone who missed any previous mentions, they are a newish PubCo based in London who are renovating and reopening what can best be desribed as pubs that were not very good in the past. That they are doing it in areas of London that full of not very good pubs adds to their interest. I have so far just been to 2, the Dogstar in Brixton (much improved on my pre-Antic visit) and the Battersea Mess and Music Hall that was a new one to me and had a very impressive ale range. Some of us will be testing the Red Lion in Leytonstone next week. As far as I can see, all of their pubs have reintroduced Real Ales, often in high numbers with up to 10 hand pumps. The latest to fall under their umbrella is 10 real ales and a beer festival this Saturday to kick things off. A list of their pubs is on their website and it will be interesting to see how the company and pubs get on over the coming couple of years and read people experiences.

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    I went to the Ravensbourne Arms in Catford last week - I thought it was a really good pub. There were five hand pumps offering less frequently seen beers (albeit a couple of which were from the current Spoon's festival), which in Catford terms makes it a full on ale emporium.

    It was quite nicely fitted out and included bar billiards, table football and space invaders, as well as a ping pong table in the garden.

    I'm looking forward to trying a few more of their pubs, starting with the Red Lion next week. I'll definitely give the Battersea Mess a try the next time I'm travelling through Clapham Junction.

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    Antic have rescued a couple of pubs in Tooting that both had a reputation for being trouble spots, The Antelope and The Wheatsheaf. Both feel a bit trendy/bohemian but they serve a decent range of cask ales. There is a sign in The Antelope saying "We don't sell Stella and we're not sorry".

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