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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 9th October 2011)

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    I'll stay on me own
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    A tour round some of Nottinghams better pubs on Saturday and all beers tried were very nice.

    Blue Monkey - BG Sips
    Dancing Duck - Round Heart
    Nottingham - Rock bitter
    Nottingham - Extra Pale ale
    Castle Rock - Harvest Pale
    Castle Rock - Tern
    Nottingham- Rock mild

    My beer of the week goes to Blue Monkey BG Sips tried in the Organ Grinder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oggwyn Trench View Post
    I quite like a pint of Joules , see it a lot around here , reminds me of when Bass was a great pint , with there pubs they are finding the oldest plans for the building and trying to convert the pub back to how it was in
    times past , no more souless barns , hope they suceed , more info here
    Oggy,thanks for that link,it made very interesting reading.I have been impressed with their pub renovations and I too hope this is a big commercial success for them.Coopers Tavern in Burton is close to being my Pub of The Year,and the beer festival I happened across in The Duke of York ,Lichfield was class.Now they have got pubs in Cheswardine,Market Drayton and Whitchurch I can feel a trip up the Shropshire Union coming on

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    Seem to have tasted quite a few this week, with nipping to my local 'spoons twice for the festival beers:

    Hook Norton - Flagship Ale.
    Roosters - Last Stand.
    Double Maxim - Anderson's Best Scotch.
    Woodforde's - Kett's Rebellion.
    WharfeBank - Treacle Stout.
    Shepherd Neame- Whitsable Bay.
    Brain's - Dark.
    St Austell - Proper Black.
    TSA - Taking The Pith.

    Blakemere - Gold.
    Great heck - Slaughterhouse Porter.
    Rat - Brown Rat.
    Vale - Black Beauty.
    Goose Eye - Pommie's Revenge.
    Fernandes - Ale to the Tsar.
    Fernandes - Magnu.
    Fernandes - Wheat Beer.

    Thought the Proper Black was excellent, easily my BOTW.
    'And where he supped the past lived still. And where he sipped the glass brimmed full' John Barleycorn, Carol Ann Duffy.

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    I've been pretty underwhelmed by the JDW festival beers I've tried so far - Hook Norton Flagship Ale is probably the best of an average bunch.

    Went to the Grape and Grain (Crystal Palace) Autumn Beer Festival on Friday, which was also a disappointment- the beers on stilage were all too warm and a couple were nearly undrinkable. Those on the bar were pretty good though, the highlights being Westerham Rick's Birthday Bitter and Acorn Gorlovka Imperial Stout.

    The best beers this week were found elsewhere - Dark Star APA and Thornbridge Raven were both excellent, but BOTW goes to Redemption Burnham No 6, as enjoyed at the Ravensbourne Arms in Catford. This is the third time I've nominated a Redemption beer for BOTW in recent months - an excellent brewery.

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    Not really a beer of the week (in fact the only pint taken all week,alas not unusual), but I'd never thought much about Jenning's Cumberland: my notes from last year said that I wasn't excited by it. However, I enjoyed my pint at the Welby Arms, Allington. A good example of a "Northcountry" Best: no hopbomb, but it had that "forward" hopping that I as a southern drinker associate with the dreaded sparkler, and an intriguing malt finish. As our teenagers say, I've 'ad worse...
    "At that moment I would have given a kingdom, not for champagne or hock and soda, or hot coffee but for a glass of beer" Marquess Curzon of Kedlestone, Viceroy of India.

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    Best 3 Beers of the week were Vale Long Dark Nights & St Austell Proper Black & Wharfebank Treacle Toffee Stout. I will go for the

    For beer of the week I will go for Wharfebank Treacle Toffee Stout as it was Unusual
    Don't You just hate Pubs that say
    ( We don't stock any Real Ales as theres Just no call for it.)

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    I've noticed that now I administer this thread I'm always late in actually replying to it.

    A few decent pints in the JDWs this week with Belhaven St Andrews Ale being very good in the White Hart in Todmorden.

    Also in Tod Slightly Foxed Fox Glove was excellent in The Polished Knob.

    Back in the Baum Mallinsons TR7 made a strong bid but....

    BOTW is going to be Geeves Fully Laden (or Bin Laden as it's been nicknamed) a 6% proper IPA, full bodied and dangerous.

    There's been quite a few Geeves on recently at the Baum. He originally started brewing on his narrowboat.

    Hence the beer theme is all narrowboat based. All 4 tasted so far have been good with differing styles.

    Definitely one to watch out for.

    The best new thing to come out of Barnsley for a while.
    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    Mainly 'Spoons fest beers this week with a close call between the very drinkable for a 5.3%'er Odells 90 Shilling and Roosters Last Stand bot found at the Lord Moon in whitehall with the latter shading it.

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