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I'm always finding things I wasn't looking for. This is a great example. An advert for Alloa Table Beer.

I couldn't have been looking for it, being unaware of its existence. Alloa Ale and Alloa Apale Ale I've heard. Alloa Table Beer is a new one to me.

This is part of the price list of a Manchester wine merchant:

First point I'd like to make is that you can tell this was a high-class establishment by the beers on sale: Bass, Guinness, Edinburgh Ale, London Double Brown Stout. Which tells us that Alloa Table Beer was a class act. As does the price. It's 2 shillings for a dozen pints. Guinness - a relatively expensive beers, with a gravity of 1075º - is only 9d more. Alloa appears to be the Rolls Royce of Table Beers.