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Unexpected heat. Sun; low in the sky but still warm. Autumn still hanging in there, battling against the hazy heat and winning first thing in the morning and at dusk; where tinges of chill and frost sit in the wind and the crisp rustle of parched leaves underfoot is the familiar soundtrack to your walks.
Ever optimistic, out comes the garden furniture – it’s been in the garage for a few weeks, looking forward to some seasonal hibernation. We need something quick, easy and light for supper, something to make the most of the afternoon, something to eat with fingers.
A quick glance at the herb garden pretty much dictates what’s still alive and thus what’s going on the chicken. One whole chicken, portioned into four, slashed and doused in Olive Oil (that had been sitting for a while with a crushed Garlic Clove in it), black pepper, sea salt, fresh Thyme and Rosemary. Cooked under a hot grill, turning halfway through, re-seasoned on the other side and done when you see the juices running clear.

To drink: Abbaye Du Cateau’s Vivat Triple (8.3%abv). Vibrant Amber in colour, with a rocky, white head. There’s Orange Peel and Lemon under the Bretty nose, with a floral sweetness in the body. Some honey in the sip, which is sweet as opposed to drying, and a green finish with resinous pine. Sitting in its ceramic bottle, it’s impervious to the heat, and stays cellar-cold throughout the evening. An uncomplicated sipping beer – not too heavy *- with light, fragrant chicken.