I am guessing I won't do this every weekend, but no football today and I am sat here so:

a swift one...
A manchester Meander, more on the Winter Ales Festival

Called to the Bar
The Barton Inn, a one line post with a fantastic picture that I think Dave should try and duplicate (he is likely to be near the pub one day) for PG.

Cooking Lager
Coors Light, I don't know about the post, all I was looking at was the picture again , appears to be a discussion of Coors.

Curmudgeon's "Opening Times" Columns
Another World

Pete Brown's Beer Blog
I love the smell of hot Sarsons at lunchtime, a new sig for a&h?

The pub Curmudgeon
At the sign of the Ostrich, an interesting post I strongly agree with discussing CAMRA, I ended up being sucked in as it mentioned the Beer Tie - something me and Dave have chatted about a few times and can't understand why CAMRA is campaigning on (Dave, have a read of this one)

Shut up about Barclay Perkins
Brewers notes