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I’vejust got back from the Czech Republic. It was a tour around a few brewerieswhich ended at Slunce ve Skle craft beer festival. Mark Tranter from Dark Starwas also on the trip and was talking about the beer list for the upcoming festivalwhich he’s organising at The Snowdrop in Lewes, taking place on 7-9thOctober. The list is based on the beers which have inspired him and continue toinspire him; a dream, Desert Island choice of cask, keg and bottle. The beer list is here. I think it’s just about a perfect beer list for a pub beerfestival because I want to drink everything there. The festival will also havea scotch egg cook-off, beer and book matching with Pete Brown and beer and foodmatching with Melissa Cole.

Spendinga few too many hours on a minibus over the weekend left me thinking about myown dream pub beer festival and the beers I’d want there; beers which haveinspired or changed my way of thinking and drinking. Limiting myself to fivefrom each of cask, keg and bottle (The Snowdrop will have about double that), andalso thinking about the ability to actually get them, I’d have the following,with each having special significance:

DarkStar Saison
DarkStar Six Hop

CamdenTown Wheat
BrewDogPunk IPA
Jandrain-JandrenouilleSaison IV
OdellIPA or Bear Republic Racer 5

BirrificioItaliano Tipopils (even better on keg – it’d replace PU)
AnchorOld Foghorn
Fuller’sVintage (about 5 years old)

Mark’slist for The Snowdrop is brilliant and is reality opposed to my fantasy list. I’llbe there if I can persuade Lauren to drive me...

What's your perfect pub festival beer list?