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Thread: Un-fined Beer

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    Default Un-fined Beer

    At the recent Somerset CAMRA Real Ale Festival there were a selection of un-fined beers brewed by the Moor Beer Company.

    Out of interest I tasted both a fined and un-fined version of their Southern Star. They were two completely different beers, with the un-fined version being far superior (in my opinion) in taste, albeit slightly hazy.

    Nicholson's pubs are stocking some un-fined brews by Moor Beer Co. If you come across them, let me know if you agree.

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    That was an interesting article from the Moor website and I will keep an eye open for their unfined beers.I bumped into an organic beer festival when last in The Anchor,Digbeth and a few of these beers were I believe unfined ,the barman correctly pointed out that these beers would be hazy before pulling the pint and I enjoyed the taste.Ironically the second pint was from the end of the barrel,there was a lot of handpump action to fill the glass,but this too tasted good.The barman was kind enough to only charge for a half ,which he said is what he does for his regulars with end of barrel pints.

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    I've been round three Nicholsons pubs in London this week and not found any. The landlord at the Hoop & Grapes, Aldgate did say that he'd received an e-mail about it and would probably be stocking them.
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