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'Following an interval of seven years, brewingreturns to the Rat and Ratchet pub in Huddersfield this September. The brandnew plant will have a brew length of six brewers barrels (24 firkins), and withthree fermenters the plant is capable of producing 72 firkins per week.

A range of seven core beers are to beproduced, supplemented by special and one-off brews as demand dictates. Thecore beer range includes something for everyone:

Dirty Rat (Mild) 3.5% abv
Brown Rat (Brown Ale) 3.8% abv
Golden Rat (Golden Ale) 3.8% abv
White Rat (Extra Pale, Hoppy Ale) 4.0% abv
Rattus Rattus (Wheat Beer) 4.3% abv
Black Rat (Porter) 4.5% abv
King Rat (IPA) 5.0% abv

The Rat and Ratchet itself will be theprimary outlet for the beers, with any excess being sold as guests through therest of the Ossett pub estate as well as local free trade.

The pub was originally established as abrew-pub in 1994, however brewing had already ceased when Ossett Brewery boughtthe pub in 2004. In early 2011, with Ossett Brewery nearing full capacity, theRat and Ratchet with its large and under-used cellars was identified as anideal location for Ossett’s fourth brewing site.

The Rat joins Ossett Brewery (200 brewersbarrels per week), Fernandes Brewery (12½ barrels per week) and the RiverheadBrewery (10 barrels) as the newest brewing site, with an initial capacity of 18barrels per week. Futureexpansion to produce 120 firkins per week is possible should the need arise.

Under the supervision of Ossett Head Brewer,Paul Spencer, the Rat Brewery is run by a team of three working in rotation.Lisa Handforth, a Brewster who has worked at the Riverhead Brewery for twoyears prior to joining the Rat team; Graham Stead, who has been at OssettBrewery since 2007 as part of the brewing team; and also Rob Allen who becameLandlord of the Rat and Ratchet in 2010 and was one of the main drivers behindreturning brewing to the pub.' (Ossett Brewery Press Release 08/09/11)