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I'm not here this weekend. I'm in the New Forest in a lodge on a campsite. It's a present for my mum and dad, for their 30th wedding anniversary. It's like those holidays we went on when we were little kids, staying in a caravan, eating BBQs, playing cards. Here is me and Lauren, my sister and her boyfriend, their little boy, and my mum and dad. It's been lots of fun.
Sitting outside the lodge, staying cool, are two mini kegs of Adnams beer. A Green Bullet Pale Ale and a New Zealand Pale Ale. For a weekend away in the country, what more could I want than 18 pints of fresh beer which are poured at the turn of a little red tap?
Green Bullet is typically fruity for the hop with a range of tropical fruit and then a quenching finish of bitterness - very nice. The NZ Pale Ale is even better: mango, passion fruit, gooseberry, mandarin; juicy and fresh, light and lively and a fantastically gluggable 4%.
I like mini kegs a lot, especially if I go away somewhere or I'm at a party, where they are better than bottles. Or imagine a fridge which comfortably fitted a mini keg so you could always have draught beer. Do you buy mini kegs from breweries? I know Adnams and Thornbridge do them, but who else is there?