Just to warn you, I don't have time to read all these so take my brief comments with a dose of salt, I am mainly posting these to try and keep people informed of things they may find interesting.

A Swift One

Manchester is the place to be, marking the start of the National Winter Ales festival in Manchester

Boak and Bailey's Beer Blog

Cooking Lager
Tramps Piss

Pencil and Spoon
How Much Do You Drink?: Learning to Get Drunk, Temperance and Neo-Prohibition, in response to recent series of blogs by Pete Brown

Taking the beard out of beer!
Halt Neo-Prohibitionists at the Point of Sale, Pete Brown really stirred something up.

Woolpack Dave's beer and stuff blog
Size and provenance, just glanced at, but looks like an interesting discussion of why he doesn't expand the brewery to do contract brewing.

A short history of bottled beer