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Our final trip of the summer is scheduled next week. Four days in Birmingham. I've not been for years.

My mum was from Birmingham and I went there countless times on family visits as a child. Theer was plenty of family to visit. My mum wass one of twelve children. Mostly, this was before I was of drinking age. When I was old enough to drink, my cousin's husband usually drove us out into the countryside southwest of Birmingham. Chaddesley Corbett, where there's a fine Batham's pub, was a favourite destination.

I rarely drank in Birmingham itself. To be honest, it wasn't very inspiring. Alternate M & B and Ansell's houses and almost nothing else. Even Davenports, which was brewed in the city, was virtually impossible to find. I'd mostly opt for Ansell's. Their Mild wasn't bad, better than M & B's. It wasn't unusual to find handpumped Mild and keg Bitter in Ansell's pubs. Now there's something you wouldn't see today.

That ponderous and overly personal preamble is leading up top a question. Which pubs shouldn't I miss in Birmingham? Preferably ones that are central.

That reminds me. I must see what archives there are around Birmingham.