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Thread: Pencil & Spoon - Great British Lagers

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    Default Pencil & Spoon - Great British Lagers

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    A good pint of lager gets me excited. A proper pint of Czech- or German-style lager, brewed in Britain, is something I want to see more of.

    I think there’s a massive potential market for great lager – just look at how much of it is sold in pubs. Imagine if a craft brand could tap into those sales. Things are happening in the UK with craft lager and I really hope it continues; breweries like Meantime, Freedom, Moravka, Camden, Black Isle, Thornbridge, and more, are making lagers now. I also think more will try them. I’d love to see DarkStar have a go at a proper Czech pils, Adnams and Fuller’s, too, Magic Rock, Fyne, Moor.

    There’s also Windsor and Eton’s Republika. A 4.8% lager made with pilsner malt from Moravia, Saaz hops from Zatec, Czech lager yeast and water treated to soften it. It’s been conditioned for six weeks. And it’s very good. Soft and clean, biscuits and popcorn, dry and bitter and sprightly with Saaz. It’s what a good lager should taste like and I could drink a lot of it. I'd love to see it in keg to see how it gets on.

    I want to see more great British lagers. Not ones hopped with Amarillo or Simcoe or Citra and not those almost-lagers which are made with ale yeast or which just get a two-week condition in tank. Good, classic lager with lots of flavour while still being subtle. But it is a big commitment for a brewery to make a lager as it needs extra tank time. When you get a really good one that time is totally worth it. That’s pretty much what I’m trying to say in the video above.


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    Thank you for the post. As we all know, Lager is the most popular style of beer in the world. Now the question would be, where did it originate? Please allow me to share some information here. The origins of lager yeast, the yeast used to make lager beer, has been a mystery to experts for several years. However, a study that involved 5 years of fieldwork and genetic evaluation has observed where the material originated. It turns out the beer invented by Germans uses yeast that originates from Argentina. If these were not found, we would not enjoy drinking lager beer! So thanks to the lager yeast from Argentina!

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