A few questions from a layman:

1. How did GK IPA win silver in 2004?

2. Is TT Landlord the greatest beer ever with this impressive Beer of Britain Record:
82 – win
83 – win
88 – silver
89 – silver
90 – silver
92 – silver
94 – gold
99 – gold
10 – silver

Are people becoming sick of seeing it everywhere?

3. My favourite tipple of London Pride won in 1979 but it seems to get bad mouthed on here now. Was there no other competition then or has the taste changed. Maybe it is because it is in loads of pubs and non Fullers pubs don’t know how to keep it properly? I don’t see many people complaining about it in Chiswick and Brentford!

4. Finally, what does beer of Britain mean? Could I make a few barrels of beer and take them to GBBF and win with no intention of making any more?