We found the Brew House when we returned from Lammu Island Pangolin, good recommendation. Their house brew was called Aldridge Pale Ale I think. Unfortunately their air-con wasn't working well so we didn't stay long. They still carry on the tradition of throwing peanut shells on the floor though.

We were going to go to the top bar of the Ritz Carlton Tower in Kowloon but fell foul of their dress code. So we hunted around TST and found a German beer bar called King Ludwig with a couple of interesting house beers.

Apart from the White Stag in Wanchai, which seems to be a second home, there's not that many bars with a 'pub' feel, The Doghouse probably comes closest. I've also discovered that the hotel bar has bottled ESB so that's kept me happy.

Last full day today, back in blighty on Monday.