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Following on from the two surveys of smokers and non-smokers, I thought I would ask the overarching question “What is your view on smoking in pubs and bars?” The results are shown in the graphic.

The previous general blog readers’ survey showed that people came to this blog for its specific pubs and beer content, as opposed to more general political and libertarian reasons, by a margin of about two to one. Nevertheless, four-fifths of all respondents supported some relaxation of the smoking ban, with only just short of 50% failing to see the need for any legislation whatsoever. On the other hand, five people seemed keen to wipe out what remains of the pub trade.

I always regret not adding a option along the lines of “smokers should be locked in the showers and gassed with their own vile fumes” to really smoke people out.

I know I’ve done this, or similar, before, but maybe I should do it every year to see how opinion has moved.