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The new pub in Leather Lane, Clerkenwell that is. I went there last night with the lovely E and enjoyed it very much, though it was a little smaller than I expected, but nonetheless an excellent job in bringing vibrant new life to an old pub. Cask beer was in very good condition and at perfect serving temperature. Well done on that one. The house lager (by Mikkeller I am told) was excellent in every way. There was also a well thought out choice of imported keg beers, though of course having come from GBBF, where we have hundreds, I didn't bother with any. The staff were well trained and motivated, so really, nothing not to like as far as I could see. OK, it is a bit expensive, but the pub itself is splendid and you get a completely good experience for around the same price as some others who don't do it nearly as well.

So back to GBBF and Frantic Friday. If you are there come and say hello at the German and Czech bar. If I'm not around, I'll be schmoozing in the hall somewhere. It isn't all work you know.

PS Top insider tip. A German Imperial Stout on our bar. A ten percent delight.