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Ron Pattinson has just published a really great blog post about “amber beer”.
We’ll admit it: we sometimes struggle with the level of scholarly detail on Ron’s blog. This post, though, is really illuminating.
It’s interesting to us for a couple of reasons.
First, because when we first started brewing, we tried to make something called an amber beer based on a recipe we found on some corner of the internet. It didn’t work, but the malt smelled incredible.
Secondly, Ron talks about punters with a fixed idea of what a beer should cost* — 3d. That reminded us of the Czech Republic, where we got the impression that bigger brewers were dumbing their beer down to keep to a magic price point that local punters demand.
In the UK, we seem to have smashed through £3 a pint without blood on the streets, but we were worried there for a while.